The Fyrstain company

First FHIR certified in France, we are proud of our local implementation.


The company Fyrstain

Fyrstain is a medical software interoperability consulting company, specialized in the FHIR® standard.

Noticing a lack of knowledge in France about the standard, Luc Chatty created the company in 2022 in order to accompany companies and health structures in the paradigm shift caused by the arrival of the standard and the covid-19 crisis.

Because FHIR is a paradigm shift, the strength of our team lies in the dual technical and business orientation of its collaborators, who benefit from medical experience at various levels.

The founder

Luc Chatty

HL7 FHIR® Proficient

Biomedical engineer by training at Phelma, Luc Chatty spent a year working at Houston Methodist Hospital as a research engineer, then on high-value IT projects when he returned to France.

He decided to return to the medical field and worked on the Gazelle platform, which is used for projectathons and connectathons, including simulators and validators for certain FHIR profiles. He also worked on the SelfieSanté platform, a native FHIR health platform for screening and monitoring at-risk populations for certain diseases.


Fyrstain team


Technical leader

Wylem Bars

HL7 FHIR® Proficient

Expert and FHIR developer having worked with Luc on the Gazelle and SelfieSanté projects, Wylem joined the team a few months after the creation of the company in order to head the technical department


Fhir® functional analyst

Seuad Kassa

HL7 FHIR® Proficient

Student at Polytech Grenoble, Seuad joined the company in apprenticeship. Interested in FHIR modeling and specification, she strengthens the functional pole.


FHIR® and CQL Consulting Engineer

Omar Guendouz

HL7 FHIR® Proficient

Graduated from a biotechnology engineering school in Algeria and a master’s degree in medical informatics in France, Omar joined the technical department a few months after the creation of the company as an expert and developer on FHIR and CQL.


Web developer

Aurélie Renou

Former medical secretary in professional reconversion, Aurélie joined the company as a web development in apprenticeship. Her extensive user experience is an asset for our technical department.

Executive assistant

Morgane Rouillard

Formerly a caregiver for people with reduced mobility, Morgane assists the team by managing the administrative department.