Hospitals on FHIR® (HOF): The Health Data Interoperability Revolution in Europe

Hospitals on FHIR® is an HL7 Europe initiative to create a community of hospitals around the FHIR® standard.
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Introducing Hospitals on FHIR®

In the healthcare sector, hospitals and healthcare facilities are the primary locations for generating health data. For the European Health Data Space (EHDS) to become a reality for citizens, supporting both primary and secondary use of health data, it is essential that the data generated in these organizations can be shared. Experts, industry and EU-funded projects are converging on the HL7®FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard as a means of ensuring interoperability in healthcare, a central pillar of the European Electronic Health Record and its exchange format.

The Hospitals on FHIR® initiative, launched by HL7 Europe, aims to build interoperability maturity in organizations by fostering a progressive, collaborative approach with a community to align with the EHDS philosophy of creating value for patients through data sharing. Hospitals on FHIR® encourages hospitals and other healthcare organizations to collaborate, share expertise and learn together.

Furthermore, communication channels among HOF members have recently been established, such as a European-level Slack channel and discussion groups, to facilitate the exchange of various ideas among participants. This community-based approach creates a favorable environment for innovation and mutual learning.

This community-based approach creates a favorable environment for innovation and mutual learning.

HOF in France

France is an example of a country that actively participates in Hospitals on FHIR® to improve the interoperability of healthcare data. What sets the French approach apart is the way it exchanges and shares information. Health data interoperability in France is not just a technical issue, it’s also a question of sharing. The aim is to share experiences, collaborate and create synergies to improve interoperability between hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The HOF community in France is a unique initiative. It brings together public and private hospitals, and all types of healthcare facilities. Proof of this is evident: several key players in the e-health sector were present at the FHIR®User Day in Rennes on September 25th.

France’s healthcare regulatory authorities also support this community-based approach. They recognize that for healthcare data interoperability to succeed, it is essential to bring stakeholders together, share knowledge and learn from each other. This approach encourages the expansion of the initiative. Frédéric LAURENT, director of the Interop’Santé association and Interoperability Project Manager at Rennes University Hospital, recently became a HOF ambassador.

How Fyrstain supports HOF

Fyrstain, a medical software interoperability consultancy specializing in the FHIR® standard, plays a key role in supporting the HOF community in France. Our company works closely with members of the HOF community, through company founder Luc CHATTY, who is also a HOF ambassador. In particular, it works with hospitals, healthcare service providers and regulatory bodies to facilitate the adoption of FHIR® and improve interoperability in France and worldwide. The FHIR® User Day was notably organized by certified experts, with a full day dedicated to the work carried out by various European stakeholders.

Fyrstain plays a key role in promoting the pooling of hospital work in France. By encouraging hospitals to collaborate and share experiences, Fyrstain promotes the emergence of common solutions and shared FHIR® profiles. This pooling of resources helps reduce redundant efforts, accelerate the implementation of standards, and promote a faster adoption of digital health technologies. Thanks to its Pandora platform and expertise, Fyrstain is actively contributing to the creation of a collaborative healthcare community in France, where hospitals work together to improve the quality of care and interoperability of systems.

Fyrstain offers tailor-made implementation solutions, helping healthcare facilities to integrate the FHIR® standard efficiently. The company also offers training and ongoing support to ensure that interoperability progresses smoothly and correctly.

The company also offers training and ongoing support to ensure that interoperability progresses smoothly and correctly. Thanks to this collaboration, France is well positioned to take full advantage of the benefits of healthcare data interoperability offered by FHIR®, while strengthening its unique community of practice.