Pandora: A Solution in Constant Evolution


Fyrstain’s Pandora solution continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of digital health. At the recent HL7 Europe Working Group Meeting 2024 held in Athens, Greece, with experts on the HL7® FHIR® standard and testing, the decision emerged to integrate a new validator into Pandora.

As a result, Pandora has achieved a major milestone by integrating a cutting-edge validator with Matchbox, thereby enhancing its ability to ensure compliance and reliability of exchanged data. This integration provides Pandora users with a powerful tool to validate and ensure the quality of medical information, thus contributing to more informed clinical decisions.

Thus, Pandora, already equipped with validators based on the hapi-FHIR® reference implementation, has been adapted to accommodate Matchbox as a validator in our platform.

Through the adoption of FHIR®, interconnection with external APIs has been greatly facilitated. The open-source resources available online enabled rapid integration within a few hours. However, adapting implementation details to our internal standards required the development of specific codes, which represents a crucial long-term consideration.


Overcoming Integration and Validation Challenges

Integration, while undemanding, remains problematic. The standard is the same, but the lack of clear specifications leads to variations in implementation. To focus more on validation and testing, it would be beneficial to establish a clear API definition for such services. At Fyrstain, as part of the work on Pandora, efforts are also underway to standardize testing APIs and produce guidelines in the form of an Implementation Guide (IG). Although these initiatives are still in development, they could serve as a starting point for a discussion on standardizing the integration of testing tools.


Specification IG for Testing: A Resource Adaptable to Any Platform

Recognizing the essential quality of testing in the healthcare domain, we have undertaken the creation of an Implementation Guide (IG) specification dedicated to the testing part. This detailed guide aims to provide our users and partners with clear and precise guidelines to maximize the efficiency of their testing within the platform.

Designed with a modular approach, this Test IG can be implemented by multiple platforms. We have considered the diversity of our users’ needs and anticipated the need for flexibility in their testing processes. We believe this flexibility will help streamline the testing process, regardless of the environment in which our users operate.

The implementation of this Implementation Guide aligns with our ongoing commitment to improving quality and ease of use, as well as integrating external tools into Pandora. We understand the importance of having structured resources to guide our users in optimizing their testing processes. The adaptable aspect of this Test IG reinforces our commitment to facilitating integration.


Future collaboration

Driven by Fyrstain, a group of diverse stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem plans to form a dedicated working group to improve testing practices, ensuring they meet the changing needs of the digital healthcare sector. These efforts will help address the complex challenges related to interoperability and integration of healthcare systems, positioning Fyrstain at the forefront of innovation in this crucial domain.


In conclusion, these recent advancements demonstrate Fyrstain’s ongoing commitment to delivering a Pandora solution that is increasingly powerful, reliable, and adaptable. Through these developments, Pandora strengthens its position in the field of digital health, offering powerful tools and high standards to address the complex challenges of interoperability and integration of healthcare systems while remaining open to the community and ensuring interoperability.

These advancements demonstrate our commitment not only to test interoperability but to fully incorporate it into our system.

Stay tuned for more information on Pandora’s exciting progress and how Fyrstain continues to innovate to shape the future of digital healthcare.