Our feedback on our FHIR® DevDays experience


One month ago, Luc and I were participating in our first on-site FHIR Dev Days in Amsterdam. For those of you who do not know DDs, it is THE gathering you do not want to miss if you work with FHIR® (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giVyMbKH8FE).

DevDays is four days filled with 100+ sessions organized around FHIR and hundreds of participants from all around the globe. As the biggest FHIR-only event in the world, it is the perfect place to learn, share and sharpen your FHIR expertise. It is also a wonderful opportunity to share your experiences and enrich the community.

That is how I had the chance and honor to present Fyrstain’s work on CQL as a Speaker during our session named “Leveraging Clinical Quality Language and CDS Hooks to enhance Clinical Decision Support”.

Learn all about FHIR !

Whatever your level of expertise or your use of FHIR may be, you will find a lot of interesting and high value content that will allow you to deepen your comprehension of FHIR for your everyday work with the Standard.

If you use or create Implementation Guides, you will learn more about the tooling and processes to set up (such as the FHIR Community Process for example) as well as best practices to implement your use cases. It is also the opportunity to share experiences with other members of the community to get in contact and exchange innovative ideas and solutions around specific problematics.

Whoever develops around FHIR will also find what it is looking for ! Every technical subject around FHIR is discussed, all the way from easier subjects such as setting up a FHIR REST API to more complex ones revolving around storage, architecture, terminologies, or tools like CQL, CDS Hooks, etc. We personally had the chance to present our work and experiences around those in a dedicated session. This led us to exchange with other members of the community who had worked in similar subjects and better understand the use of those tools in different use cases and share the problematics we all faced and solutions we found for it.

An international FHIR community !

FHIR Dev Days are also the perfect opportunity to meet the international FHIR community ! It is a particularly welcoming and caring community. It can be intimidating to contact people, especially if you are new to FHIR, or it is your first time to one of these events. This is peculiarly true with illustrious members of the community. But the reality is that you are immediately put at ease but the warm and friendly atmosphere of the DDs. It was also the occasion for us to meet people from the community we have been communicating with for months, if not years, over the internet since we started working with FHIR, but never had the chance to meet in real life.

Whether it be during the Chocolate SIG, Whiskey SIG, Padel competition, during or after one of the many organized sessions or during the traditional Social Event, there is no doubt in my mind you will come out of the FHIR Dev Days enriched with a ton of new contacts and a fair load of happy memories !